CMs Put the “Pro” in Project

Construction managers are to construction as Superbowl Champs are to the NFL. They are the best at what they do. And what they do is manage.

How Can a CM Help?

Commercial building is a complicated process. Having a CM on your team is a valuable asset. They help with building site choice, property leasing, budgeting, design, building site choice, and more, including:  

construction managers, budget, plan, CM,They Steer the Entire Project

A Construction Manager directs a variety of operations within the commercial building construction process. They manage the build from start to finish for new construction and remodel projects.

They are Master Planners

Commercial construction requires detailed planning. A Construction manager’s skills help them determine the work necessary for each project. They can accurately estimate the costs to complete it and plan accordingly.

CMs Draft Contracts

Written agreements clarify the details for each project. Construction managers handle contracts for:

  • The architects
  • Suppliers
  • Subcontractors (electricians, carpenters, plumbers, heating and cooling professionals)
  • Any other third parties involved in the project

It can be a challenge to manage contracts. Construction managers ensure execution of contractual agreements made by all sides.

They Hire, Fire, and Oversee Workersconstruction managers, contracts

Part of contracts includes hiring subcontractors and construction crews to complete projects. The Construction Manager is responsible for hiring the right team of professionals. CMs ensure that site crews are completing high-quality work that meets building codes and goals. And if necessary, they fire and replace anyone not complying with standards.

Construction Managers Set Project Goals

Setting goals helps to track progress. The CM is accountable for scheduling realistic goals and making sure crews meet them.

Your Eyes and Ears on the Ground

As an owner, it is not possible to be at the work site. The CM is your advocate at the site. They oversee the day-to-day operations and keep the project on schedule.

The CM keeps you in the loop of progress and delays. The construction manager provides you with daily or weekly reports on equipment, site status, milestones, and delays. If a delay happens, they inform all of the parties. The CM reports on how the delay will affect timing, costs, and a plan to adjust.

They Know That Time is Money

Construction managers understand that unplanned delays can be hazardous to the bottom line. Meeting goals and milestones are essential for the project to be a success. Experienced CMs prepare for delays by building them in and presenting you with a realistic timeline. Realistic timelines keep the project moving forward which helps to avoid additional costs.

Construction managers, money, budget, bottom line


Let’s face it, the Bottom Line Matters.

No one wants to get halfway through a project and realize they are way off budget. Projects must begin with accurate estimations. The Construction Manager must see costs, estimate accurately, and compare and cut unnecessary costs to stay with budget limits.

Hiring a Construction Manager is the First Step to a Successful Project

But, How Do you choose the right one?

Ask questions. We shared the 6 things you should ask in a previous post.

The role of a Construction Manager is to be an advocate for your build. They use the industry’s best practices to complete the project for your business. Contact Rocky Creek Construction. We make it our goal to provide our clients with the smoothest building process possible.

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