What Does “Best Practices” Mean?

Commercial remodeling is a big step for many business owners. Hiring a construction management company that uses the best practices will be crucial to the success of your project. Best practices, what does that mean?

Best practices refer to “the policy, systems, and procedures that, at any given time, are regarded by peers as the practice that delivers an optimal outcome, such that they are worthy of adoption.” In short, a company that uses best practices is using the best methods for construction and has policies and procedures in place that produce the best outcomes for your remodel.

Do Your Homeworkbest practices, construction manager, commercial remodel

Choosing a company for your remodel requires you to do some homework. Whom you hire, and their abilities can make or break a project. The right company will treat you fairly, perform quality work, and use the best practices.

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3 Best Practices

Along with asking the right questions, the managing agent you want to hire will follow the industry’s best practices. A company using best practices will present clients with a comprehensive contract, have a proactive management system and procedures in place, and communicate an upfront realistic timeline.

best practices, construction management, commercial remodelComprehensive Contracts

Expect a detailed contract. Office remodels, or new building construction requires a contract. Best practices for contracts will outline all of the labor, materials, and products that will be used to complete the project. Some other details often included are: what will be demolished, rebuilt, all the materials used, permits, and disposal of materials.

Need more ideas of what to expect on a contract? Here are some other details to consider before signing on the dotted line.

Proactive Management Systems & Procedures

Find out what management systems and procedures they have in place. A management company using best practices will have systems in place from the start. They will consistently have clear, proactive objectives, and measurable results to achieve. They do not make it up as they go along. Implementation and adherence to the systems in place are crucial for a successful build.

Some systems and procedures using best practices to look for are:

  • Clear targets for budget
  • Quality control
  • Safety protocol
  • Realistic schedule  

best practices, construction manager, commercial, remodel, office

Upfront Realistic Timeline

Successful projects begin with a written plan with a realistic timeline that allows for any hiccups along the way.

Construction projects often experience unexpected hassles. Late delivery of supplies, mix-ups, or weather related incidents commonly delays a project. Building in time for the unexpected sets a realistic expectation and reduces stress. It also allows the project to reach its goals and milestones. Furthermore, it avoids the costly scenario of an unmet schedule.

It Pays to Research

Taking the time to research a prospective company saves time, stress, and money. Hire a commercial construction and renovation professional who uses the best practices to benefit your project.