What Does Design Build Mean in Construction?

Design-build construction, as defined by the Design-Build Institute of America, is:

“a method of project delivery in which one entity – the design-build team – works under a single contract with the project owner to provide design and construction services. One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion…”

5 Advantages to Design-Build Construction

A design-build construction company delivers many benefits to you as a business owner. Design-build’s (D/B) focus is collaborative. It brings design and construction professionals under one umbrella. Business owners benefit from the D/B method. It eliminates schedule delays and runaway budget problems. Design build benefits include:

One Point of Contact

Design-build companies provide you with one point of contact rather than multiple. Eliminate the back and forth communication between architect to owner and owner to the contractor. Design-build construction streamlines the process to a single source of contact.

Total Accountability & Budget Management

One team is accountable for everything, including the budget and end-result. It is common to hear business owners say that their remodels or new commercial building construction cost twice as much as the architect said it would. In design-build construction, this situation is extremely unacceptable. D/B managing agents take into account all of the fees from the very start.

Direct, Effective Communication

You won’t run into collaboration issues with design-build construction. The D/B method eliminates problems of miscommunication, crossed wires, inaccessibility, and disagreements. D/B companies proactively have the best practices of construction management in place to deal with any problems that arise.

Faster Project Completion

Design build construction projects are completed in a shorter amount of time because:

  • Reduced Bid Time
  • Scheduling Can Begin Before Finalized Design
  • Discover Potential Problems Early
  • Enhanced Communication keeps the project moving
  • Quality Enhancement

Quality Enhancement

Everyone desires high-quality design and construction. Design-build construction ensures the highest quality of both. Since the architect and builder are from the same company, the focus remains on protecting your interest. The results are a design that is eye-catching and economically viable.

A D/B Company Leads to High Levels of Trust

Design-build construction companies are your advocate. They manage the entire process from start to finish. By the time the process is in full-swing, you will have the confidence that your project is in good hands.

Rocky Creek Construction offers a tailored approach to design-build projects. Contact us to get started on your office remodeling project or new commercial building construction endeavor.

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