Does office design affect productivity?

The workplace atmosphere and surroundings directly influence employee morale and engagement in your business. If you have a workspace that is barebones (only desks and computers), you may not be maximizing your staff’s potential. Their ability to focus might suffer depending on where they work. According to reports, creating a productive workspace can increase productivity by about 20%.

The Key is in Good Office Design

According to studies on productivity in the workplace, physical environment was the top factor for employee’s ability to focus. Making a few simple changes, or even large ones can improve all areas of your business. Although most people view the office as a place to complete tasks, there are many factors that influence productivity.

5 Tips for Creating a Productive Workspace

Understanding the relationship between employees and workspace will increase quality, health, and efficiency. By following these five tips, you can begin creating a productive workspace.

Lighting – Bad lighting can cause visual fatigue, stress, headaches, and exhaustion. Use as much natural light as possible. White lights are better than yellow lighting and fluorescent bulbs produce less heat. Creating a productive workspace with proper lighting will help your staff and save energy.

De-Clutter – Some people may say “there is order to my chaos,” but for an office, it can derail focus and productivity. Make sure things are put away, filed, and organized to decrease distraction. Spend time every day keeping the office tidy.

Flexible Office Layout – Office culture is rapidly changing. Companies should be prepared to ebb and flow with the changing landscape. Flexible, future-proof designs are perfect for creating a productive workspace. Follow these office design tips to future-proof your office space

Room Color & Furniture – Color has an effect on mood and brain function. Choose the right color for creating a productive workspace. Adding quirky colors and patterns will add pops of color and make the environment more stimulating. Also, consider adding these 5 commercial design trends

Air Quality – Proper ventilation, air conditioning temps, maintenance, and humidity levels improve employee’s health. Better health equals less sick time. As an added bonus, you can save energy and money with less equipment damage.

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Creating a productive workspace for staff can greatly benefit your business. If you are not sure if your office is designed around the needs of your staff, Rocky Creek Construction can help you remodel to improve and maximize your space.