5 Commercial Design Trends

As we charge forward into the future, we can happily wave goodbye to the office interior design of our predecessors. The days of dull, drab office space is quickly fading in the rearview mirror. Today, employers are embracing new office design trends bursting with liveliness. Although there are several design styles on the horizon, we have streamlined it down to 5 commercial trends.

Quirky Colors & Patterns

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Designers are matching quirky patterns and vibrant colors. This year’s trend for color is shaping up to be full of vivid and bright colors. The new color trend embraces the cooling tones of gray or black with pops of wild colors, such as bright greens. 

According to Pantone, their color “greenery” is the color of the year. “Greenery is fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring.” — Pantone. However, it is not just color that is adding spice to old office design. Patterns are also making waves in this year’s commercial design trends.

Large geometric patterns add instant visual interest. These eye-catching modern features grace walls, carpet, and floor tiles. All add a touch of personality and modernity to interior office design.

Turn on the Lights

Businesses are under increasing pressure to meet social obligations. Therefore, eco-friendly design continues to drive commercial design trends. Along with increasing natural light in office spaces, LED is quickly becoming the desired lighting of choice. LED light is 80% more efficient than fluorescent or incandescent lighting. They also improve light quality in commercial offices. Companies can reduce expenses and promote productivity by switching to LED lights.

Dual-Purpose Design

commercial interior design trends

The dual-purpose design is a way to combine function and aesthetics. Multi-purpose elements combine function, comfortability, and style. The dual-purpose design includes examples such as:

  • Bench seats with storage
  • Rising arms
  • Filing cabinets with slide out seats
  • Lounge chairs with tablet arms

Tight budgets and bottom lines have fueled the need for dual-purpose design. Multi-purpose design helps business reduce overhead spending without sacrificing functionality and adaptability. Companies are constantly looking for ways to save money while not sacrificing style. Dual-purposed elements accomplish the goal many companies want.

Throwback Furniture

Sooner or later, design styles of the past swing back around. One surprising trend this year is the rising popularity of throwback furniture. Postmodern furniture from the 1960’s and 1970’s are making headway in office decor. The design element mixes urban industrial style with sleek, low-set sofas in urban-metallic colors.

Flexible, Well-Being Design

commercial interior design trends, greenery, color, office, furniture, future proofOffice design that grows is around to stay. Flexible layouts help businesses save money by future proofing their workspace. As technology advances, companies must be ready to move forward with it. Flexible office designs that adapt to the changing environment incorporate innovative furniture and layouts to achieve this goal. Read here for more Tips for How to Future-Proof Office Space.

The Short of It

New office design trends incorporate flexible layouts with dual-purpose spaces and eco-friendly elements. The color pallet blends warm, natural tones with quirky combinations of vibrant color and geometric shapes. LED lighting and post-modern furniture also take center stage for office design. It is shaping up to be an exciting season for commercial design trends.

Design-Build professionals can help business owners choose unique patterns that coordinate their color scheme and layout. Creating a unique environment is expected to continue to grow in commercial design trends.