Ready to Build?

Whether you’re opening a new business or expanding into new markets, you will need to select a building site. Where to build will be among one of the most important decisions in the process. And perhaps, one of the most difficult for business owners.

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Many factors go into determining the right location. Some of the most obvious to you may be street visibility or foot traffic. However, many variables factor into choosing the location for office or retail construction. Fortunately, picking the best site for development doesn’t have to be intimidating if you keep a few considerations in mind.

Follow These Steps, and You Will Be on Your Way

  • Research Proximity: What is the neighborhood like? Examining the local area is as important as where you build. What is the crime rate? Are there direct competitors? Does the location fit your brand image? Ideally, you want to select an area that is complementary to your brand and business.
  • Local Labor Market: You will need to staff your office or retail positions. Does the area have potential employees? Will they need to commute?
  • Demographics: You may want to take into account who will shop at your store and when. Is it important to be accessible to a particular population? Does daily car traffic or household income play a factor in your sales? The demographic measures of the population can be an important factor in where to build.
  • Future Growth: If you anticipate future growth, make sure you have room to expand should you need it.
  • Cost: Keep in mind the cost of the property (some locations will be higher than others). Is there any prep work to complete? If the answer is yes, how much? What are the specific codes or regulations? Research the taxes in the area (income taxes, sales tax, and property tax rates). Are there Federal, State, or local incentives for developing on the property?
  • Building Codes: Determine how the building codes affect the budget. Get familiar with the regulations in the area. Do they accept your type of business? Are there any limitations on what materials you can use? Inquire about restrictions for the walls, floors, or other features.
  • Site Survey: You found what seems to be the perfect location. Conducting a commercial site survey will help you determine whether it is capable of supporting your vision for development.

Features to Look for in the Building Site Survey

  1. Dimensions: Can it accommodate the structure you have in mind?
  2. Topography: What prep work is needed? Is there a flat plane or will it need to be leveled? Are there trees or water sources that will require removal? If anything needs to be altered, is it cost effective to make the site ready for construction?
  3. Land and soil composition: How much weight can the soil support?
  4. Environmental conditions: Is it in a floodplain or high wind zone?

Conducting a site survey is highly sensitive work. Too many variables can be overlooked. Hire an expert to help you determine if the location you are considering is the right site for your build. An experienced construction management company can guide you through the process.

The Bottom Line

Finding the right building site is a complicated process with many moving parts that can affect the bottom line. All of the details involved can be overwhelming to business owners. But it doesn’t have to be.

Rocky Creek Construction can help you choose the right building site, as well as see it through to completion. Contact us at Rocky Creek Construction, and we’ll help you find the perfect site for your new building.

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